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Spring Training: Week 29


I usually show a video the week we go on a break, so here are the plans for the week of April 14, 2014, Spring Break Eve.


  • Spring for Sports/Harrison/Media Skills


  • Finding books about sports in the media center


American Association of School Librarians, “Standards for the 21st Century Learner:

  • 1.1.6, Read, view, and listen for information presented in any format… in order to make inferences and gather meaning.

Content Objectives

Dearborn Public Schools Department of Media Services, K-12 Information Literacy Media Curriculum, 2004:

  • Students will identify appropriate human, print, technological and electronic resources to access information

Language Objectives

Michigan Department of Education, K-8 GLCE English Language Arts:

  • R.NT.[xx].05 respond to individual and multiple texts by finding evidence, discussing, illustrating, and/or writing to reflect, make meaning, and make connections.

Key Vocabulary:

  • Review: DVDs, media
  • New: Sports, baseball

Supplementary Materials:

  • Arthur the Good Sport. Dir. Paul Higgins. Perf. Melissa Altro, Jodie Resther, Daniel Brochu. Sony Wonder (Video), 2002.

  • Peanuts – Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown. Dir. Sam Jaimes. Perf. Travis Boles, John Christian Graas, Gregory Grudt. Paramount, 1966.

  • Snoopy Double Feature Vol. 8 (Charlie Brown’s All-Stars/It’s Spring Training, Charlie Brown) [VHS]. Dir. Sam Jaimes. Perf. Travis Boles, John Christian Graas, Gregory Grudt. Paramount, 1997.

  • The Magic School Bus – Super Sports Fun. Dir. Larry Jacobs. Perf. Lily Tomlin, Daniel DeSanto, Erica Luttrell. Warner Home Video, 2004.


  • Adaptation of content
  • Links to background
  • Links to past learning
  • Strategies incorporated


  • Modeling
  • Comprehensible input

Group Options:

  • Whole class

Integration of Processes:

  • Speaking
  • Listening


  • Meaningful
  • Linked to objectives
  • Promotes engagement


  • Group
  • Oral


  • Review the nonfiction section of the media center and what kinds of books can be found there.

Anticipatory Set:

  • Show students books from the sports section of the library (796), specifically books about baseball. Point out the numbers on the spine label of each book.

Instruction/Check for Understanding:

  • Review what students remember about being good audience members. Review the procedures for watching a movie: Sitting still, no talking.
  • Show the class one of the videos above. Kindergarten: Arthur, 1st and 2nd: Peanuts, and 3rd: Magic School Bus.

Preview for Next Week:

  • Tell students we will read more books after Spring Break next week.
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“Spring Training: Week 29”

  1. April 13th, 2011 at 6:39 pm       Connie Harrison Says:

    This lesson went well, especially when I reviewed the organization lesson from last week and tied in the vocabulary (“bold beginning, mighty middle and exceptional ending”) with videos they were watching.

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